Guest Message Board


Something a little different for you and your guests, at weddings, parties, events.  This black stained wood panel comes with your personal design along the top, something from the invitations or simply names, occasion and the date, the photos show a design specific to Emily and Lee. 
Along with the board you will also receive a set of paint marker pens for your guests to write their messages to you on the board.  Return the board to me to be sealed and your guests messages will be saved forever ready to hang on the wall. 
These boards are available in 3 sizes and prices.  Prices include any custom design required on the top, paint markers and paid return and re-delivery after sealing.  Prices start at £120 for a 40cm x 40cm board, £185 for 60cm x 60cm and £225 for 90cm x 60cm.

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