• Hand painted mirrors and glass art, personalised mirrors and mirror art with pictures of painted mirrors. Bar mirrors, home mirror wall art.

    Personalised Art, hand painted mirror art, reclaimed wood sign art, fairground art, bar mirror.

  • Personalised light up signs on reclaimed wood, custom painted sign art with names and letters.  Light up name signs, light up letters.
  • Hand painted wood signs personalised sign art custom painted with your choice of words and phrases.  Roll The Dice light up wood sign and a circus style fun and frolic light up arrow.
  • Commission your own unique art, personalised mirror and glass art, personalised wood sign art, pictures of personalised mirror art.
  • Retro style clothing, classic ladies biker style jacket in blue, blue leather jacket, super soft leather and baseball shirts for ladies Jeepers Creepers retro style baseball shirt.

Personalised Custom Art

I have many hand painted pieces here that are one off and unique alongside some smaller personalised and stock sign art. Most of my work is custom painted commision art.

Art is a very personal thing, so what could be better than personalised art, in your choice of colour and design. I can go one better and make your personalised art based around words, phrases, names or numbers that mean more to you than anyone else.

I use traditional signwriting techniques to paint and gild mirrors, glass, reclaimed wood even leather jackets and create personalised art that will make you smile every day. If you need some inspiration the Gallery page has lots of examples of unique personalised art.

For more information about the ordering process please see the Commission Art Page.

Please Contact Me and we can discuss your ideas and work together to create your unique personalised art.